Causes of Burn and Scald Injuries

Motor Accidents

Virtually all cars on the roads in the UK have built-in front seat airbags. For an airbag to trigger in an accident, a small, controlled explosion must occur. Unfortunately, this may sometimes cause burns to the driver and front seat passenger if it causes a fire in the front of the car.

In addition, it is possible for a car to catch fire due to the flammable nature of many of the liquids and upholstery in a car, such as the fuel, which may set alight in a motor accident.


Work Accidents

A lot of people work with electrical equipment or machinery that can cause fires that result in burns if misused or if they malfunction. Additionally, some people work with chemicals that can cause very serious burns.

This makes it important that employees receive suitable health and safety training and specialist training for the correct use of equipment to make sure that they are able to avoid accidents that could cause burn injuries to be sustained.

Sparks Fly as Worker Cuts Bolts

Hot Liquid

The risk of suffering serious burns from hot liquid or metal containing hot liquid exists for everyone in all walks of life, whether it is at home, work or school.

It is imperative that a person always monitors the temperature of potentially hot drinks as the mouth is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, while hot drinks should always be handled with care to avoid spillage.

It is also a sensible idea to make sure children are not left in reach of hot drinks or hot pipes to minimise the risk of burns to their more fragile skin.