Causes of Loss of Sight

Brain Injuries

Injury to the brain from an impact to the head can cause sight loss if the areas of the brain that control or contribute to sight are damaged or affected in some way.


Medical Negligence

If a health professional fails to diagnose a patient with a condition that they could have been reasonably expected to, it may result in blindness.

Surgical operation

Furthermore, if they fail to appropriately or promptly treat a condition that may cause blindness, this can exacerbate the condition or allow it to progress.

In both cases, a medical professional would most likely be liable for being medically negligent.

Poor treatment in terms of glasses or contact lens prescriptions can cause a loss of sight. Moreover, laser eye surgery is not risk-free and has in the past caused sight loss in patients.

Bright Lights

Bright lights from explosions, lasers or intense lighting products can do serious damage to a person’s eyes, causing severe and even permanent blindness due to the damage that can be caused by over-saturating the retina.

Dust, Particles And Chemicals

Our eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as the deep-set nature of our eyes within the head, all aim to protect the eyes from small or corrosive substances, but if suitable protective equipment is not worn when operating many types of machinery or handling particular chemicals, loss of sight can be caused by tiny particles or chemical substances which can infiltrate the inner workings of the eyes.

Workplace Tools And Utensils

Many sharp tools are used in the workplace, especially in the manufacturing and construction industries, as well as in the kitchen at home and for home DIY projects.

Sparks Fly as Worker Cuts Bolts

If suitable precautions are not taken with regards to wearing safety equipment and if tools such as knives are not used appropriately, a person runs the risk of a life-changing loss of sight injury.