Serious Ligament Injuries

Ligaments connect bones to other bones and form joints. Their purpose is to either prevent or limit the body’s ability to carry out particular movements to avoid injury.

Torn ligaments can cause weakness and instability in a joint that can last for an indeterminate length of time, even with treatment.

Indeed, this type of ligament injury may require major surgery to repair the damaged ligament in order to stabilise the affected joint.

However, many people are unfortunate as they may not be suitable for this type of surgery if there is scar tissue in the joint as a result of the tear or injury to the ligament.

If this surgical procedure is not an option, the instability and weakness of the affected joint due to the injury may result in serious secondary effects, such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Ligaments that if torn can have serious effects on a person’s life include the periodontal ligament in the jaw as well as the three cruciate ligaments and single patella ligament in the knee.

The Causes Of Serious Ligament Injuries


The inflexible and rigid nature of ligaments can mean that they may break if they are put under heavy stress from the trauma of an impact.

Such an injury may be caused by a heavy lifting incident or a fall from a height at work or a motor accident.


A sudden or unbalanced twist on the pivot of a joint can mean that there is too much weight or pressure applied to a joint and ligaments within it due to ligaments having a lack of flexibility. If this happens, a ligament may tear or break.

A twisting injury that causes a serious ligament injury may take place at work if a person is required to carry an unreasonable weight.

Associated Fracture

Fractures sustained at a joint may affect the integrity of a ligament by making it stretch, tear or become detached. Please see the section on serious fractures for a more detailed overview of associated fractures.

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