Serious Muscle Injuries

Muscle tears are suffered when groups of muscle fibres are torn. This restricts a person’s ability to use that muscle group effectively and without pain. As a result, it may become difficult for a person to lift the affected limb and go from sitting to standing up or even walk.

Serious muscle injuries can be incapacitating, as a person may suffer high levels of pain as well as inflammation, cramping and spasms in the affected muscle. Some serious muscle injuries can even cause muscle function to be reduced or lost, such as an infarction in the quadriceps.

The Causes Of Serious Muscle Injuries


Accidents that involve the transmission of force to a muscle, with or without piercing the skin and the muscle itself, can cause serious muscle injuries.

If the skin is not pierced, it is likely that serious bruising will be caused, while if it is pierced, the muscle may be torn and ripped.

Trauma that causes serious muscle injuries may take place in a serious motor accident or an accident at work, for example, due to defective machinery.


If a muscle is overstretched, a serious muscle injury may be sustained if the muscle fibres are torn.

This is generally caused by limbs being forced into an uncomfortable and unnatural position for the muscles in a motor accident or a serious fall or due to machinery in the workplace that traps or pulls a person’s limb or clothes.


Continuous use of a muscle may cause serious muscle injuries as a muscle may suffer small tears over a long period of time that develop into a larger and more severe tear.

Moreover, the overuse of a muscle may cause repetitive fatigue to it, making the muscle weak and more prone to serious tears in the future.

Overuse injuries to muscles are often caused in the workplace where a person’s task is physically challenging and repetitive or if they are not allowed sufficient rest between shifts of physical work.

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