Serious Tendon Injuries

Tendons withstand the tension that builds up in areas where they connect bone to muscle by working with the muscles to act as shock-absorbers.

Tendons also passively assist with movement associated with the muscle to which they are attached due to their flexible but strong nature.

Ruptures to tendons are capable of healing by themselves, but once a tendon suffers a rupture, it is not likely to regain the extent and efficiency of function it possessed before the injury and further injury to that tendon becomes much more likely. Additionally, tendon ruptures can take a very long time to heal, even with expert medical treatment.

Serious tendon injuries that can have a serious impact on a person’s life include knee tendonitis and a ruptured Achilles tendon.

The Causes Of Serious Tendon Ruptures


A tendon may rupture as a result of a forceful impact to it because of the heavy stress that may be imparted upon it.

Such an impact or fall may be due to an accident at work or motor and pedestrian accidents.


Considerable stress upon a muscle may cause it to contract while it is being stretched in the opposite direction. This puts heavy stress on tendons that assist the muscle in question, which may cause ruptures.

Overloading injuries to tendons may occur in the workplace if a person has to lift an unreasonably heavy object.

Reduced Blood Supply

A consequence of advancing age or generally poor health can be a reduced blood supply to the more remote areas of the body but serious injury or medical negligence can also do the same.

If the blood supply to a particular area of the body is restricted due to an injury near that area of the body, such as a fracture that affects the blood vessels, the tendons that are not receiving enough blood may become weak.

Moreover, mistreatment or misdiagnosis by a medical professional may cause blood flow to a particular area of the body to decrease, such as if blood clots are not identified.

Where such mistreatment or misdiagnosis causes a tendon rupture, the negligent health professional may be liable for medical negligence.

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