The Coroner

In the circumstances of a fatal accident, the Coroner’s Court may hear an inquest into the death in order to identify the deceased, establish the cause of death and ascertain the circumstances in which the person died.

Police evidence or a Health and Safety Executive Report (HSE Report) surrounding the accident may lead to them charging the responsible party who allegedly caused the fatal accident with a criminal offence. Regardless of this, the Coroner will still hear an inquest into the death at some point in time.

In any case, the appropriate accident investigation report will be passed to the Coroner, who will consider the information and the evidence in the report in their deliberations.

The Coroner and the clerks that are members of staff at the Coroner’s Court have extensive experience of dealing with grieving families on a daily basis, so they understand and are empathetic to what the suffering a family is going through because of their loss.

Here at SeriousInjuryClaims4U, we understand that hearing an account of the fatal accident in which a family has lost a loved one can be a traumatic process for them, so in fatal accident cases there is no obligation on you to attend court if you feel that attending court proceedings would be too stressful an event. Instead, our specialist panel solicitors will provide you with expert legal representation in court.